About Us

If you are reading this, WELCOME! You are invited into the lives of two chicks on a mission to lose 30 pounds.

Why is this interesting?
It's not, we just want a place to track our progress and hey, what better place than the internet.

Who are we?
You might know us. You might not. It doesn't matter because we like are every person who has ever struggled with being chubby, fat, overweight, getting picked on and teased in school and getting rejected and judged as an adult. We have struggled with weight most of our lives and have had enough. We have decided that we need to get our shit together, stop making excuses and start living happy and healthy lives. We will not rely on food to drown our emotions or to fill a void.

However, we are not going on a "diet" nor a "cleanse" nor are we going to try a quick fix solution to drop the weight fast only to discover that it is impossible to sustain it long term. This is a commitment to be conscious of what we eat and how we live our lives - do we choose TV over fitness because it's easier, or will we put ourselves first and exercise our bodies and our minds?

So, here we go. 30 pounds ... should be scary but its really not.

Wish us luck!