Friday, August 20, 2010

The Psychology of Words

When we both started this we made it clear that this is NOT a DIET!

The word 'DIET' is really mean. It's like the skinny girl in school who taunts the fat girl with her friendship by inviting her to a party making her believe that she too can have a chance at being part of the cool kids group. But we all know how this story ends, the fat girl feels completely uncomfortable, none of the boys talk to her and she ends up going home frustrated and mad at herself for believing this time it would be different. She ends the night by eating a tub of ice cream all alone.

Words are powerful, they inspire thoughts that can lead you down either a very disappointing path, or a marvelously pleasant one. The path that we are on does not have an ending; there is no specific time line to complete this goal therefore no possible way that once we have reached it we will also be reaching for the chips and ice cream. It is about making better choices EVERY day. It is not about not eating certain foods, it is about moderation and knowing why we are eating.

After not even a full week, I can see that the decision to take THIS path was a smart one. There is no counting down of days and no looking forward to anything but fitting into a smaller pair of jeans, for good.

So in place of the word Diet, we are using Lifestyle because that is exactly what this is. That, is something I feel good about.

~Skinny #1

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  1. Yup I can relate ... found your blog via twitter today.

    That saying that goes something like "when you hear something enough times you start to believe its true" is exactly what the fat girl thing is.

    People like to put others into categories, it sad really how that works. I guess if it happens from a young age it makes it that much harder to overcome as you get older. Words really stick.

    I hate the word diet ... the first three letters spell DIE!