Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who says food is evil?

Someone, at some point, said that food was evil. "Don't eat that or you'll get fat!!" "Eww, I hate broccoli." "Do you know how many calories that has?" What happened to this person for them to have such negativity towards food? Second...WHO IS THIS PERSON??? I want to find you and tell you you are missing out on soooo much yumminess!!

When we started this mission to lose 30 pounds, we knew it would be tough. Having to give up our favorites (gelato, croissants, sushi, chocolate, WINE), was going to be challenging. But we wanted to give our 110% into this. Thinking of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as what snacks to bring to work, felt like someone giving you an unlimited gift card to MAC and saying "Have fun!" You can have whatever you want and you...don't know what to get. You have all these choices. What color of eyeshadow should I get? Purple? Yeah, it compliments my eyes. False eyelashes, cool! I will definitely be getting some of those. A powder that also works as a foundation?? Umm, ya! I should get some lipgloss too, I like the shinny stuff. Or do I want lipstick? But I don't wear lipstick. But...I do have an unlimited gift card, so...I NOW wear lipstick. Food is very much the same way. You already know what you like and don't like, all you gotta do is find other food that it works well with. (Mint has become my favorite secret ingredient for just about everything).

Food is delicious and meant to be enjoyed. Did you not read/see Eat Pray Love?? Don't hate it. It gives you vitamins, nutrients, energy, cleans up your skin, makes you live longer, AND...helps you lose weight! Weigh-ins are every week we decided. So, after 8 days of ONLY eating healthy (we did not have time for work-outs last week) I have lost 6 pounds. Six. SIX!

So...who said food was evil? It is LIVE backwards after all. Happy eating :)

~Skinny #2

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  1. Congratulations! 6 pounds lost just from eating better is impressive. I am sure it makes you just want to continue to eat good food. When you eat better and feel better you live better.

    Good on you!